Uses, advantages, and disadvantages of solar panels

Uses, advantages, and disadvantages of solar panels

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity and heat with the help of solar panels. Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy that can be used to and provide heat and electricity to households. Solar panels are a sequence of interconnected silicon cells that are joined together to form a circuit.

Solar energy is present in abundance
It is true that one hour of sunlight has enough energy to power all the houses of the world for one whole year. There are two ways in which the solar energy can be generated, which are heat and light, through various processes:

  • The process of generating solar power involves solar panels and other electrical devices that convert the light and heat energy from the sun into electricity using specialized photovoltaic cells.
  • When the solar energy is collected in a reservoir with the purpose of heating water for households, the process is called a home solar heating system.
  • Passive solar energy is a concept of giving more leverage to solar energy and using it to heat homes with solar power.
  • Solar heat energy is also converted into electricity using turbines; this process is called utility-scale solar thermal system.
  • Using solar energy to create solar power is popular among several households wherein people can use DIY methods to create solar power units at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels
There are many advantages of solar panels that include high savings, renewable energy source, low carbon footprint, easy maintenance, they are easy to replace, have a long lifespan, efficiency, reliability, and they increase the value of the property.

There are a few disadvantages of solar panels as well. They include high installation cost, there are some hidden pollutants, they require a large space for installation, time restriction (can absorb solar light only during the day), and limitations related to geographical locations.

Solar panels are used in many things that we use every day. Road signs, hot water, satellites, and calculators, all use solar energy. Solar panels can be made at home and be used for generating electricity. One can install solar panels with a proper guideline and make the most of the natural source or energy present for us.