Should know this before buying golf cart batteries

Should know this before buying golf cart batteries

For a first time buyer of golf cart batteries, you might be confused with a lot of options available in the market. How to make a well-thought purchasing decision? This can help. Here is what you should you know before buying a golf cart battery.

The difference between batteries used in an electric golf cart and gas golf cart is evident from the way they work. Batteries made to be used in an electric golf cart are required to be recharged after every two or three days. They need to be restored fully. On the other hand, batteries used in the gas golf cart work same as they work on a car.

The advantage of an electric cart battery is that it is inexpensive and hassle free. But you need to charge it regularly which could be annoying to some people. Most important thing to consider before buying a battery is to check its life cycle. Prefer batteries with the high life cycle. A life cycle 600 or more should always be preferred. You can also check specifications given in minutes and amps that are referred to the lifespan of a single charge.

One important fact about batteries is that number of accessories and components used with the golf cart influence the lifespan of a battery. More accessories lead to the early draining of the battery. A use of GPS and DVD player would require more charging than usual.

When you lookout for battery whether online or offline, follow the following. Do not get confused, just follow.

Compare prices
You may find different deals and offers online, make price comparison before buying. This can save you some money.

Buy from known vendors
Never buy from vendors that new or are hardly known. Always consider buying from those who have a good track record with their customers. Go to the website that is trusted by other clients.

Read product details
Product details such as warranty, specification, features or shipping costs should all be considered before placing an order. This saves you from paying hidden charges.